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We provide you with data, methods, techniques and updated information on the detection, prevention, counseling and rehabilitation for alcoholism, drug addiction and other addictions, can treat the patient by:

last six months, from 2 to 3 sessions per week the first three and 1 session per week the remaining three months.

Duration of 3 months to indefinitely, depending on the progress of the patient or circumstances

Also, we handle all forms of psychotherapy:
• Coaching
• Single
• Group
• Couples
• Family

We have conferences, training and diploma for companies and academic institutions at all levels, these being supported by the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Education with Curriculum Value, the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare and the Directorate General for Training Centers Working.

It is important to mention that we have agreements accessibility, timeliness, reliability and effective treatment in relation to doping, such agreements are in compliance with customer needs, its institutional idiosyncrasies and their privacy policies.Additionally, we updated tracking the services provided by the laboratory chosen by the institution or company.

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